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Welcome to International Student and Scholar Services!

Earlham College is a diverse and global community that includes students from 50+ countries and from almost all of the states within the United States.

International Student Advisers are available to students throughout their time at Earlham College, and specifically serve as a source of advice, support, and information on matters of immigration regulation, cultural adaptation, and practical concerns. We are here to support international students throughout your educational journey at Earlham. We will work with you during the admission process, orientation to the college, completing your degree, and seeking career opportunities, and invite you to stay in touch as alumni.

Earlham College is an extraordinary community that provides a rigorous academic environment with opportunities to work closely with faculty members and engage in hands-on, experiential learning on and off campus. We also have a strong focus on how education and lifelong learning can help us all to transform the world around us for the better.

Whatever your background, you are welcome here!
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