Personal Information Update
For address updates you have two options:

1) If you would like us to update your address or phone number for you, please fill out our CGCE Address Update Form. 

2) Alternatively, you can update the information yourself through Self Service using the instructions below. You can also update other types of information using Self Service.
Log into Self Service, select “Personal Information”, then select “Bio/Demo Profile” and update any of the following information that has changed:
  • Your name (you will need to provide an international student adviser with documentation of this as well)
  • Your preferred first name
  • Your marital status
  • Your gender identity
  • Your preferred email address
  • Your primary phone number
  • Your addresses: 
    • Current students:
      • U.S. Address: 
        • “Home” address, if your parents live in the U.S. AND/OR...
        • “Campus Address”  OR...
        • “Exempt Address”, if you do not live on campus
      • Non U.S. Address: “Permanent Address”
    • Graduates:
      • U.S. Address: “Home Address”
      • Non U.S. Address: “Permanent Address”
  • Your emergency contact information
    • Please provide information of someone who has legal authority to grant permission for medical treatment in the case that you are not able to do so for yourself (e.g. parent, legal guardian, or spouse)

If you have changed your visa status (i.e. to Permanent Resident, H-1B, etc.) please inform an International Student Adviser immediately.

Alumni with OPT or STEM OPT Extensions, if your employment information has changed, you will also need to complete the OPT and STEM OPT Employment Update Request

Reminder: It is a violation of your Student Visa Status to confirm incorrect information regarding your name, phone number, or address(es) in Self Service. Please take time to confirm that all of the information listed in Self Service is correct.